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80% of Corrective Skin Care happens with a home regimen



Revision Medical Grade Corrective Skin Care

There are no shortcuts. Just science.

Vital Therapy

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Vital Therapy Clean, Corrective Compound Skin Care Technology

Nutrients that make sense.

Why Vital Therapy?

I have been asked many times to explain why I think Vital Therapy products are among the best products on the market and why salons, and physician’s offices carry thousands of various products to enhance the beauty of the skin. The bottom line, is that Vital Therapy contains only the most vital, concentrated and result oriented compounds that are formulated to be effectively delivered into the skin cells. It’s straight up science. No gimmicks. No fancy fragrances. No delusional promises. I notice a significant difference in skin that receives a full regimen of Vital Therapy compared to skin that does not, and I am not just saying that. The acid mantle, the natural protective barrier on the top of our skin, is terribly damaged by all the crazy chemicals in other products. I can literally see the breakdown of the overall integrity of the skin compared to Vital Therapy patients. It’s to the point that most people don’t even know what it even feels like to have a healthy acid mantle! For this reason, I require my patients to be on certain products for up to 30 days before I will do any advanced treatments. If the acid mantle is not healthy, these treatments can be very dangerous and actually be counter-productive to corrective goals and overall health and integrity of the skin. Additionally, I question and challenge other practitioners who market highly toxic products and perform these advanced treatments. I take this topic very seriously, which is one of the reasons why my patients consistently experience positive, safe results.

Further Education

Parabens (used in certain preservatives) are endocrine disrupters that mimic the hormone estrogen and have been found to accumulate in the tissue of women with breast cancer. Safer alternatives are available such as essential oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, and do not disrupt endocrine systems and do not accumulate in the breast tissue. These essential oils are not as stable as parabens and thus Vital Therapy and Revision products do not have long shelf lives; that is, they must always be fresh and the must be turned over in at least years if not sooner, like unstable Vitamin C serums for example. Parabens on the other hand may increase shelf life up to six to eight years. This is why the major cosmetic companies use these parabens. Other dangerous chemicals are added to most cosmetic products to enhance the texture, elegance, or appearance of the product. Vital Therapy and Revision products produce the same elegance without the toxic ingredients. Vital Therapy products also use the exact isomer or the “chirally correct” form of a nutrient, which is more efficiently utilized by the skin. No unnecessary ingredients are added to the product. If the ingredient does not perform some very important function in the product, it is not added. Vital Therapy and Revision products are some of the finest, least toxic corrective skin nutrients found on the market at a price that is reasonable.

Skin Care Goals

One of the most important skin care goal is improving the health and thus the appearance of the skin. This is done by improving blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin, maintaining the skin’s normal pH, revitalizing the skin cell membranes, connective tissues, and detoxifying and neutralizing toxins found in the skin tissues, and produces real, cumulative, beneficial and long lasting visible results. We tend to classify skin according to skin types. These types are dry, oily, aging, acneic, and combination t-zone (treatment zones). Please note, that the fact is that all of the above skin conditions are caused or exacerbated by the same poor habits:

  • Poor nutrition

  • Dehydration

  • Smoking

  • Over exposure to the sun

  • Tanning beds

  • Pollutants

  • Toxins

  • Overuse of toxic skin care products

  • Overuse of skin treatment procedures, like peels and laser

  • Lack of adequate exercise and stretching

  • Inadequate sleep · Stress and illness

  • Medications

  • Hormone imbalances

By addressing the above conditions and utilizing Vital Therapy and Revision’s cutting edge skin care products and protocols, we can improve and normalize all skin types.